National Arts Stabilization in Arizona

A Report to the Community

1998, 20 pages, The Flinn Foundation, 3300 North Central Avenue, Suite 2300, Phoenix, Arizona 85012, 602-274-9000, info[at]

This thorough report describes the nine Arizona organizations that participated in the National Arts Stabilization (NAS) Program. Since the inception of the program in Arizona in 1988, the nine grantees have improved their current liquidity by $2.4 million, increased working capital reserves by $2 million, increased endowment by $9 million, invested $12.1 in plant, and increased earned income 65 percent, among other outcomes. Funds for the program were granted by the Flinn Foundation ($1.5 million), the Arizona Stabilization Committee ($1.5 million), and NAS ($1.5 million). Other communities who have worked with NAS on comparable projects include Baltimore, Boston, Columbus, Kansas City, New York City, and Seattle. Arizona's is the only statewide effort.

Grantmakers considering multi-organization stabilization or capacity-development programs will be interested in Arizona's results. The report describes the program, tells how it was developed, profiles two participants, and presents charts and tables that show how Arizona's results compare with other geographic locations. Most importantly, the report documents that "Artistic output from Arizona's arts organizations has never been at a higher level of creativity or excitement. This is consistent with the strategy behind NAS — that institutional health and artistic creativity go hand in hand.”