What We're Watching: Community Foundations for Just Communities

From the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation: 

Community Foundations for Just Communities
Thursday January 18 from 2-3:30 EST/1-2:30 CST/noon-1:30 MST/11-12:30 PST

Community Foundations can open doors for new ways to support artists and arts organizations.  Donor advised funds (DAFs), collaborations with private foundations, advocacy and lobbying are all aspects that can bring more resources to the field.  

Structurally, Community Foundations have been set up to preserve the status quo - to attract and retain donors. How do/can community foundations question and challenge inequitable practices, address power dynamics and experiment towards just futures?  

This session is a follow-up from our conversation at the November GIA conference in San Juan. The topic will be selected by the participants. Some of the possibilities include:

·  increase access for artists/arts organizations to DAFs and donors, including non-financial support

·  fund individual artists beyond project-based grants by moving into more unrestricted/practice based grants

·  integrate practices of Trust Based Philanthropy to strengthen relationships with our community partners, colleagues, donors, and boards  

·  collaborate with local government to influence cultural policy and practices  

·  work holistically across sectors and issue areas

Please join us as we continue the dialogue and seek ways we can collaborate on creating a more equitable future!  

Feel free to reach out to Sharon DeMark at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation with any questions: sharon.demark@spmcf.org

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Meeting ID: 886 2434 2437
Passcode: 743181