Twitter Chats

Grantmakers in the Arts seeks to reach new audiences and encourage dialogue around key issues. Twitter Chats are free to members and nonmembers, and a space for the public to follow and engage in real-time dialogue with presenters via Twitter. Though these conversations are typically around one hour, grantmakers, artists, and others in the funding ecosystem can participate easily from a computer or phone by “tweeting” ideas and responses to questions using a unique hashtag. Be sure to follow @GIArts on Twitter to get involved with our next Twitter chat!

Past Twitter Chats

August 6, 2020
Arts and Recovery Twitter Chat: A human centered arts response to crisis

Prior to COVID-19, we noticed an increase in funding towards environment-related issues as climate change and wildfires became of greater concern. Nowadays, during the coronavirus pandemic crisis, we see the weakest points of our infrastructure exacerbated in ways the field was not prepared for. However, while we do not always know how each crisis will impact resources and communities, we can certainly prepare by considering both immediate and long-term strategies for recovery. In this Twitter Chat, we discuss what the arts need in order to recover from unexpected crisis, and how can we ensure humans remain at the center of our approaches. Explore this Twitter Chat #GIAArtsRecovery.

August 8, 2019
Narrative Change Twitter Chat: Putting theory into practice with the community

With a system that is not broken, but rather structured intentionally to foster inequitable and unjust outcomes, the need for narrative change is more urgent now than ever. “Humans,” Ella Saltmarshe writes, “have always used stories to make sense out of our chaotic world.” Narrative change “frequently involves collaboration across difference, bringing together actors with very different positions to re-envision the goals of a system and to change it.” We will continue to elevate the importance of narrative change among arts and culture funders on maintaining, interrupting, and re-imagining systems. Explore this Twitter Chat #GIANarrativeChange.