Grantmakers in the Arts is a national association of public and private arts funders - providing members with resources and leadership to support artists and arts organizations.


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Engaging the Political Climate

GIA understands that changes in the national political climate have impacted the arts and our communities. Arts Funders Respond is an opportunity to learn and share strategies, statements, news, and other resources to support arts grantmakers as they navigate and respond to the changing political landscape.

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Resource Hub

Black Arts & Cultural Funding and Justice

Throughout this resource hub, we aim to amplify funds and resources that explicitly center Black artists, cultural communities, and experiences.

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GIA Reader

The Racial Equity Coding Project: The Path Ahead

The Path Ahead: In this third and final episode of The Racial Equity Coding Project, we are glad to be joined by Eddie Torres, president and CEO of Grantmakers in the Arts. He closes our series with his reflections as the leader of a philanthropy-serving organization, and his hopes for the next steps of the project. He also offers a unique opportunity for you to get involved! Email Eddie at for more information.
Video from the GIA 2021 Conference are now available for streaming.