GIA Reader, Vol 30, No 1 (Winter 2019)

GIA Reader, Vol 30, No 1 (Winter 2019)

On the Cover

The People’s Paper Co-op, in collaboration with Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity and Community Legal Services, Without my record I am free to be… (detail from exhibition at Project Row Houses), March 2016.

At pop-up legal clinics (which also include art exhibits, resource fairs, and storytelling workshops) community members receive pro-bono legal services from civil rights attorneys to clear/clean up their criminal records. Community members then tear up their criminal records, transform them into blank sheets of handmade paper, embed a new portrait or “reverse mugshot,” and write onto their clean slate in response to the question “Without my record, I am free to be…” Hundreds of these sheets have been created and displayed in clinics, museums, Philadelphia City Hall, and beyond.

Image courtesy of The People’s Paper Co-op. Photo Mark Strandquist.

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