Non-profit management

September 30, 1998 by admin

Why are you engaged in your current field of work? What significant lessons have you learned along the way? These are questions we ask of applicants to the Durfee Foundation's Sabbatical program, an initiative that provides "time off" to leaders in the nonprofit sector in Los Angeles. Sadly, arts applicants to the program have had difficulty providing compelling answers. By and large, their attempts to explain their commitment to their chosen field have been weak, particularly in comparison to their peers in the social services.

March 11, 1996 by admin

As the Twentieth Century approaches a finale, the arts in America exist in a vast array of styles, disciplines and organizational structures. The purpose here is to examine one major organizational component of the American arts scene, the nonprofit sector, as an organic system that has progressed through three distinct stages over the past century.

October 30, 1995 by admin
Following are excerpts from an interview with John Kreidler (San Francisco Foundation) conducted by Kathleen Cerveny (Cleveland Foundation and CIA board). The paper that Kreidler discusses in the interview provides a background for his "Flight Simulator," a computer program designed to demonstrate the arts ecosystem. The "Simulator" will be available for hands-on experimentation at the upcoming GIA conference.