Reflections: The SoL Journal on Knowledge, Learning, and Change

Volume 3, Number 1, "Organizational Learning and Culture"

The MIT Press

Fall 2001, $15 per year, 80 pages. Published by the MIT Press for the Society for Organizational Learning. MIT Press Journals, Five Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142, 617-253-2889, Society for Organizational Learning,

I rarely pick up books or journals about business management, but my trusted co-editor suggested Reflections to me on the grounds that several GIA members have forwarded intriguing articles from its pages. I decided to take the plunge.

For other readers who are unfamilar with this field, the Society for Organizational Learning grew out of the work of Peter Senge and others who launched the idea of improving management by employing "systems thinking." Systems thinking analyzes how parts of an organization are interdependent and it strives to enhance their inter-relatedness rather than isolating single "problem areas"