What We're Watching: Heal Buffalo: Virtual Funders Meeting

Join the virtual Funder Briefing Friday, May 20 at 9am PST/12pm EST hosted by Live Free USA, Joyce Foundation, Ford Foundation, Arnold Ventures, and VOICE Buffalo. Registration is required to join.

"This past Saturday, a senseless, horrific, and pre-meditated shooting by a white supremacist left 10 Black people dead and a community ravaged in Buffalo, NY."

"Once again a city is left to grapple with the trauma of violence and racism while the nation searches for answers and its black citizens try to navigate the fear and frustration that grows from a legacy of white supremacy, bigotry, xenophobia, and intolerance that seems to have no end."

"Our loved ones will need short-term and long-term support to begin the recovery. They have a plan informed by their local needs. It is beyond time for comprehensive solutions and action!"

Register for the event here.