ICYMI: As Calls Mount for Ceasefire, Philanthropy Struggles to Find Its Voice

From Northern California Grantmakers: 

Northern California Grantmakers recognizes we are witnessing a key moment in the history between Palestine and Israel. The violence is not occurring in a vacuum and this moment requires us to deepen our analysis. The fear, heartbreak, and trauma surrounding this crisis is generational, deeply polarizing, and challenges finding a resolution. But action is critical as the situation in Gaza worsens by the hour, leading to mounting calls for an immediate ceasefire. The human cost of the past weeks is almost unfathomable, and we fear what is to come if the violence continues. Given this, the volume of conversation in our sector has not matched the severity of the issue.  

NCG is here to support philanthropy in finding its voice as we and many others in the sector are struggling to do so. The clearest immediate actions philanthropy can take are to learn, use its institutional voice to prevent further violence, and provide resources that support humanitarian aid.  

We have compiled the following resources to share action items, promote education around the crisis, address harmful narratives, and provide funding options that have emerged thus far. As we identify more resources that can support your institution’s journey, we will update this list. 

Access the full list here.