New Fund: The Latino Equity Fund announces $375,000 in grants to 20 Latinx-led and Latinx-serving organizations

From The Boston Foundation: 

The Latino Equity Fund at the Boston Foundation (LEF) today announced $375,000 in grants to 20 Latinx-serving organizations in Massachusetts. The grants, made through an open request for proposals in September, bring the total grantmaking from the Fund to over $1.8 million since 2013, with $692,000 being distributed this calendar year, making 2023 the largest giving year for LEF.

“We are a small but mighty fund, and we know the need is urgent for Latinx-serving organizations. We are committed to raising additional funds and expanding our grantmaking further next year,” said Javier Juarez, who became the Latino Equity Fund’s director in February. “I am proud of the work happening at LEF. As the only fund dedicated to Latinos in Massachusetts, we have a special responsibility in philanthropy, and it is my role to continue building partnerships that will increase our impact year to year. The time to support Latinos is now, and we are ready to lead the way.”

The Latino Equity Fund, a unique partnership between local Latinx leaders and the Boston Foundation, is the first Latinx-focused fund in the Commonwealth. The LEF uses its influence and platform to amplify diverse voices and perspectives within the Latinx community in Greater Boston and the state, with a focus on achieving greater and more equitable access to economic prosperity and well-being.

“The Latino Equity Fund is a powerful force for change. The Fund is breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for Latinos to thrive. It's a transformative investment in the Commonwealth's future.” said  Aixa Beauchamp, who co-founded the Latino Equity Fund in 2013 and continues to co-chair the Fund’s Advisory Board.

“I’m particularly excited about the organizations we’re supporting this year as they truly reflect the Latino Equity Fund’s renewed focus on economic prosperity and health equity,” added Juan Lopera, co-chair of the Latino Equity Fund Advisory Board.

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