What We're Reading: Art + Activism = Change. But It’s a Formula Philanthropy Largely Ignores.

"Ongoing efforts to roll back social gains, such as reproductive and LGBTQ rights, have made one thing clear: Focusing on politics alone won’t create lasting social change. Political debates and legislation are too closely tied to the whims of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Instead, what drives long-term shifts is culture — the public attitudes and narratives that underlie progress," said Ken Grossinger for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. 

"That’s why some of the most effective social movements combine activism with art — music, film, theater, visual arts, and more. When artist-activists and community and labor organizers work together, they have the power to convert minds and hearts and transform societies. Many are using art to create powerful narratives — taking control of the stories that shape how we think about history, culture, people, and places."

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