What We're Watching: Co-creating the Rough Sleeping Strategy in Haringey through Legislative Theatre

The Legislative Theatre partnered with Haringey Council and Arts & Homelessness International, "for a special performance on homelessness practice and services in Haringey." The full performance is now available to stream on YouTube.

"A core team of people with lived experience of homelessness and Council staff have worked together throughout January to create an original play based on their experiences. The performance and creation will be the starting point of the new Rough Sleeping Strategy. It will also be used to deepen co-creation within the Council and strengthen the voice of people with experience of homelessness."

"This will all be achieved through a process called Legislative Theatre, a fun and accessible way of showing challenges and barriers in systems through making theatrical plays about them. World-renowned expert and specialist in legislative theatre, Katy Rubin, will lead the Core Team in improvisational workshops. The improvisations lead to the development of policy/transformation ideas which are voted on by the audience; policy makers in the audience will be asked to make commitments based on the proposals to them. Then we meet the key stakeholders and plan for how those commitments are going to be implemented into real change."

Watch the full video here.