New Fund Updates: Pop Culture Collaborative Launches Becoming America Fund

“To create a just and pluralist society, we need to reimagine systems and transform culture.”

"The Pop Culture Collaborative is delighted to announce the 2022 Becoming America Fund narrative network, over three dozen grantee partners and Pluralist Visionaries who will work together to build the yearning in tens of millions of people for a just and pluralist future," shared the official announcement. Pop Culture Collaborative announced the Becoming America Fund in 2020, "launching as an initial $3.5 million year-long initiative, designed to support pop culture artists, entertainment companies, and social justice movements to take hold of the cultural moment..."

"The Fund centers the innovation of Black and Indigenous people, People of Color (BIPOC), immigrants, and Muslim communities, focusing on women, trans, nonbinary, queer, and disabled artists, influencers, activists, and thought leaders," said Pop Culture Collaborative. "Becoming America is especially timely given the culture war currently being waged by many of our national and local political leaders against these communities—many of whom are marching for their lives while disproportionately reeling from the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic."

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