ICYMI: This Grassroots Campaign for Reproductive Rights Takes Aim at Anti-Choice Billboards

"Drive across the Midwest and you’ll find cities and interstates peppered with anti-abortion billboards," said author Cinnamon Janzer. Thus stemmed the Minnesota Billboard Project, born from a, "St. Paul couple [who] decided to take countering the anti-choice messaging into their own hands."

"The brainchild of Kelly Searle, an epidemiologist and professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, and Kristin Brietzke, a statistician working for the state of Minnesota, the effort is a mission to counter the ubiquitous, guilt-inducing pro-life billboards around the city and state." The two were able to raise $3,400 in order to put up five billboards, all located within four miles of the State Fair. Leftover funds were donated to planned parenthood.

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