The Hope to Make Art a Necessity and Part of People’s Everyday Lives

In a recent Artsy article, Kemi Ilesanmi, executive director of The Laundromat Project (The LP), discussed the mission and the work of this New York–based, POC-centered organization "that aims to meet the concerns of local communities of color and enact change through public engagements with the arts by actualizing spaces like community gardens, plazas, and, yes, laundromats."

The goal is to enact that change through these hubs, as Artsy writes, "where people come together, share ideas, and work out creative solutions to the problems affecting them and their neighbors."

“What we really do," she says, "is we build, we nourish, and we equip people to be community leaders and use their full creative arsenal to envision and make the world that they deserve and want to live in.”

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