A Philanthropic Covenant with Black America

Rodney Jackson

2009, 238 pages. Wiley, 10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN, 46256, 877-762-2974, www.wiley.com

This book features eight essays from several prominent African American grantmakers, scholars, activists and clergy that examine critical elements of modern philanthropy and how they affect Black communities, for good and for ill. Each chapter includes statistical documentation of the issues, strategic recommendations to improve the quality of Black life, and examples of outstanding models already being practiced throughout the country. A Philanthropic Covenant is intended to inform individuals, grantors, religious organizations, fundraisers and youth how philanthropy—time, talent and treasure—can be strategically mobilized to assist Black communities in dealing more effectively with the issues outlined in these texts. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on the role, responsibilities and potential of African Americans, and African-American philanthropy in particular, to affect positive change in their own communities.