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Engaging the Political Climate

GIA understands that changes in the national political climate have impacted the arts and our communities. Arts Funders Respond is an opportunity to learn and share strategies, statements, news, and other resources to support arts grantmakers as they navigate and respond to the changing political landscape.

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Black Arts & Cultural Funding and Justice

Throughout this resource hub, we aim to amplify funds and resources that explicitly center Black artists, cultural communities, and experiences.

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Podcast #45: Arts + Tech: Artists Respond ft. Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Grantmakers in the Arts continues discussions centered around arts and technology. Technology is not neutral, so how should funders target their dollars in order to advance the growth of arts and culture towards justice? We asked artists the question, “how can the intersection of arts and technology contribute to a racially just future, and what do funders need to know?” In our third episode of the series, we are joined by Amelia Winger-Bearskin, professor, artist, and founder of UF AI Climate Justice Lab, Talk To Me About Water Collective, and Wampum.Codes Podcast. Listen below.

Black Arts Funding Summit

On December 13, the Black Arts Funding Summit featured experts across fields and industries who have directly shaped institutional policy and established new practices that support Black liberatory futures.

Videos from the GIA 2022 Conference are now available for streaming.