Member Spotlight on the Boeing Company

For the months of January and February, GIA's photo banner features work supported by The Boeing Company ("Boeing"). Boeing's Global Engagement programs implement Boeing's strategic philanthropy through its charitable investments, volunteer programs, employee drives, disaster response, and other integrated programs. In 2017, the company provided approximately $170M to communities around the world – its key priorities include Veterans, K-12 Education, and Dynamic Communities.

To build and maintain the infrastructure and network from which the future innovators come, The Boeing Company looks for engagement on unique local challenges where it can bring expertise and volunteer time. In the Puget Sound, it is deeply committed to arts education and has recently invested more than a million grant dollars to engage young people in interactive and sequential learning activities in the visual, literary, media, and performing arts. Boeing's investments are informed by research that students who have access to arts education have higher GPAs, higher standardized test scores, lower dropout rates, and better workforce opportunities.

Boeing has partnered with dozens of arts organizations to deliver arts education programs that empower young people and give them the skills to succeed in life. Its community partners do amazing work every day: the 5th Avenue Theatre gives teens opportunities to participate in musical theater in the limelight as a performer or behind the scenes as a designer or events producer; Arts Corps uses world arts to enhance classroom learning in high poverty schools and improve school climate such as bullying; the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts uses theater to help teens talk about race and social justice issues; and when Seattle Arts and Lectures places professional writers in schools to help kids write about their lives, themes of identity and race, gender, and class inequities emerge.

These arts education programs advance 21st Century skills such as knowledge acquisition, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, media and technology literacy, self-direction, adaptability, and social and cross-cultural skills. Boeing's hope is that investments in these experiential arts education programs will increase the creative, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young people; and promote lifelong learning and engagement.

The Boeing Company has been a GIA member since 2009.

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