What We're Listening To: Beyond the Classroom Podcast ​​​​Episode 3: ​Professionalization and Precarity of the Workforce

From the Wallace Foundation: Youth workers from historically marginalized communities serve as important mentors to young people in out-of-school-time (OST) programs. But in a 2020 student-led survey of youth in OST programs, many of these workers reported experiencing racism in the workplace, along with low wages and job instability. In this episode of Beyond the Classroom, researchers and practitioners discuss strategies for addressing these challenges in order to more effectively recruit and retain skilled youth workers.

Episode 3 features Bianca Baldridge (Harvard University), Vanessa Roberts (Project VOYCE), Deepa Vasudeavan (American Institutes for Research), and Sarai Hertz-Vaelázquez (Wellesley College). Listen to the full episode now.