Mistakes in IRS List Cause Headaches for Some Nonprofits

From Lisa Chiu at The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

(T)he list is misleading in places, with some well-established groups listed that have, in fact, filed their paperwork. On the list were the names of some of the biggest and most well-established colleges in the United States, George Washington University and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. So, too, was the Islamic Center, a prominent Washington nonprofit established in 1957 and located just a few blocks away from the vice president’s official residence.

While those were among the mistakes on the public IRS list, there was also plenty of good news for leaders of umbrella nonprofits who were relieved to discover that their affiliates had filed the required paperwork to keep their exemptions. Many such groups had been warned by the IRS last year that their exemptions were in jeopardy..

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