JD Beltran Named Interim Director at SFAC

The San Francisco Arts Commission voted unanimously on Monday to appoint its vice president, JD Beltran, as interim director while the commission recruits a permanent new director of cultural affairs. Beltran is a conceptual artist, filmmaker and writer. Her work has been screened and exhibited internationally. Mayor Edwin Lee has sole authority over the appointment of Arts Commissioners. The commission has authority over the appointment of the director of cultural affairs.

Also, you can check out Beltran's latest article in Huffington Post, San Francisco, the Secret Rock Star:

There've been long-standing murmurs about this fair city that despite all of its charm and potential, in the realm of the arts it will never be a "player." A common complaint? "It's too provincial." There is even an inquiry on Yahoo answers that asks "Why is San Francisco So Provincial?"...

Okay, so we have great food. And perhaps we're a bit smug and provincial. But a player in the arts? Absolutely. One of the best-kept secrets about this city is how, in so many ways, it is San Franciscans who have made it all possible.