Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Study: Fan-Funding, Grants Outweigh Merch, Sponsorship

From Glenn Peoples at Billboard:

The first results of the Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Stream project show the average musician gets more from fans and grants than merchandise and corporate sponsorships. The cross-genre research project collected data on over 5,000 US-based musicians and composers.

A “first look” white paper was prepared for MIDEM and released Monday.

Twelve percent of artists surveyed reported making any money from merchandise in the previous 12 months. Overall, merchandise accounted for just 2 percent of all respondents' income. Rock artists reported the highest share of merchandise revenue as a percent of total revenue (6 percent) followed by hip hop artists (5 percent) and country artists (2 percent). Merchandise accounted for less than 1 percent of jazz and classical artists' income.

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