New Report: The Tracker Culture & Public Policy

From UNESCO: "This monthly Tracker is produced by UNESCO to monitor culture in public policy with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. It highlights developments within national and regional contexts, as well as emerging debates on culture's contribution to sustainable development. Drawing on a variety of sources, it provides a broad overview of cultural policy trends worldwide at the national, regional and international level and looks at ways in which countries integrate culture into other policy areas."

"Culture and education together are the backbone of human development. Yet culture and education are insufficiently harnessed together as complementary dimensions that can leverage social inclusion, skills acquisition as well as the enhancement of knowledge."

"Today's increased multicultural societies marked by growing mobility, the interdependence of countries and the transversality of public policies, as well as the acceleration of digital technologies have prompted the need for more adaptive and agile societies equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage in a fast evolving environment. This fourth part of the special series counting down to the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022, explores the opportunities and priorities raised by Member States and other stakeholders on this topic."

Read the full report here.