"Quantum Theory Helps Us Understand Black Revolutionary Theatre"

In "The Quantum Nature of Black Revolutionary Theatre" part of Black Theatre Commons' A Call for Revolutionary Theatre 2020 series, Sage Crump discusses how quantum ideas "evident in nature and how our communities organize outside of government control, can support honing the practice of Black Revolutionary Theatre."

Quantum theory helps us understand Black Revolutionary Theatre because it offers a departure from Newtonian ideas of siloed individual action and delves into the complexity of connection. Blackness is not stagnant or singular. Connection and complexity are integral to Blackness’ ever-evolving existence. (...) Blackness thus holds unlimited possibility. Black theatre is not solely the absence of the white gaze. It is the fullness of possibility that is sharpened with a direction towards a future that loves Blackness. The intention in that future-facing has the potential to be revolutionary. Once we ground our understanding in the fullness of what Blackness holds, then we can turn our attention towards the making of art that investigates power, subjectivity, and the material conditions of people.

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Sage Crump will be one of the keynotes of the 2020 GIA Virtual Convening, Power, Practice, Resilience: Remix’d. Crump is a culture strategist, artist, and facilitator who expands and deepens the work of cultural workers, and arts organizations in social justice organizing. Crump is the Program specialist at the National Performance Network managing a program that supports arts organizations of color, LANE (Leveraging A Network for Equity). Read more here.