Board Motion Creates LA County's First Department for Arts and Culture

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission voted unanimously to create the first-ever LA County Department for Arts and Culture. The motion instructs the County to transition the LA County Arts Commission to a stand-alone County department starting July 1 and to complete the transition by fiscal year 2019.

"This act affirms the value of arts and culture in contributing to the quality of life of every resident in LA County, upholds the unique talents of artists and cultural organizations as creative strategists addressing civic issues, recognizes the significance of the creative economy in our region, and continues LA County leadership in arts and cultural programs, arts education, cultural equity and inclusion, and public funding for the arts," said Kristin Sakoda, executive director of the LA County Arts Commission.

The motion, co-authored by supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl, and the vote suppose a "historic moment," according to Sakoda. In her announcement she added,

A department structure will provide the Arts Commission with increased capacity to strengthen the arts and our commitment to cultural equity and inclusion across the region. It positions the arts alongside other County departments to increase coordination and collaboration, leveraging the arts to address cross-sector and civic issues. A department structure will also provide sustainable staffing, operations, infrastructure, and policy for the future of arts and culture in LA County.

Read the full announcement here.

Read the motion.

Image: Los Angeles County Arts Commission