News From Grantmakers in the Arts

Annual GIA Conference
November 16-18, 1998
Titled "Art Under 21: At the Crossroads of Community and Youth Development," the 1998 annual conference of Grantmakers in the Arts will be held November 16-18 in Chicago. See related article in this issue. For more information call Marion Goldfinger, MacArthur Foundation 312-726-8000.

Call for Roundtable Topics
Breakfast roundtables offer some of the most interesting discussions at any GIA conference. They provide opportunities for small groups of colleagues to share opinions and experiences on specific topics. Roundtable discussions will be scheduled during two mornings of the Chicago conference, with an ample supply of coffee and danish to sustain conversation.

If you would like to lead a roundtable discussion on a topic dear to your heart, here's your chance. Please describe the topic, indicate your interest in leading the discussion or identify someone else who would be a good choice, and note your name, street address, phone, fax, and email address. Send your idea via post or email to Vickie Benson, Jerome Foundation, 125 Park Square Court, 400 Sibley Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101-1928, vibe[at] The deadline is June 15, 1998.

Pre-conference on Supporting Artists
GIA members who are interested in establishing or strengthening grantmaking programs that support artists should plan to come a day early to the 1998 GIA conference in Chicago. The pre-conference will begin on Saturday evening, November 14 and will continue all day on Sunday, November 15, 1998. The session will build on the momentum from an afternoon session at the 1997 GIA conference and from breakfast round-tables at previous GIA conferences. Lewis Hyde's thoughts on "creative commons" provide a starting point for discussion. For more information, contact Melissa Franklin, Pew Fellowships in the Arts, 230 South Broad Street, Room 1003, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102, 215-575-9050, or Frances Phillips, Walter & Elise Haas Fund, One Lombard Street, Suite 305, San Francisco, California 94111, 415-398-4474.

Pre-conference for Family Foundations
Fueled by energy generated by arts sessions at the annual Council on Foundations' Family Foundation Conference in Los Angeles, a pre-conference for family foundations is being planned for Sunday, November 15. Additional information about this session can be found in this issue. To contribute ideas, contact Mercy Pavelić, Heathcote Art Foundation, 4 Fairgreen Lane, Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870, 203-637-0726, heathcot[at]

Sweet Honey in the Rock
1998 Council on Foundations Conference
A recent addition to the programming at this year's Council on Foundations conference in Washington D.C. is a performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock at the final luncheon plenary session on Wednesday, April 29.