New Resource: Funding For Real Change

From Funding for Real Change: Over the course of the pandemic, more than 60 percent of foundations loosened restrictions and lightened reporting for grants. Now is the time to normalize good grantmaking practices across the sector and to ensure that civil society organizations & social movements are not deprived of the resources they need. Project-based giving doesn’t have to put organizations in a straitjacket – it can be done in a more flexible and equitable way. Explore the range of practices on this site to see how you can create impact and strengthen organizations for the long term by building more flexibility and trust into your grantmaking.

Ariadne and EDGE Funders Alliance came together to create this website in order to acknowledge that project-restricted funding will most likely continue to be the most common way of supporting grantees while also advocating for a future where multi-year flexible funding is more common.

Much of the data on this site is developed by Humentum and MilwayPLUS, facilitated by BDO FMA and resourced by Funders for Real Cost, Real Change (FRC) Collaborative and the Ford Foundation.

Explore the resource here.