The Center for Arts Education Research & Policy Briefing

Funding for Key Areas of Arts Education Experiencing Sharp Declines—Even Before Anticipated Budget Cuts

June 2010, 5 pages, The Center for Arts Education, 14 Penn Plaza, 225 W 34th St, Ste 112, New York, NY 10122, 877-434-ARTS,

As part of the ongoing analysis of data provided by the New York City Department of Education (DOE) through ArtsCount, the Annual Arts in Schools Reports and other sources, The Center for Arts Education—an organization committed to stimulating and sustaining quality arts education as an essential part of every child’s K-12 education in the New York City public schools—took an in-depth look at system-wide budgeting for arts education over the past three school years (2006-09). The data reveal significant declines in budgeting in two primary areas of arts education: budgeting to hire the services of arts and cultural partners to deliver educational programming to schools, and budgeting for arts supplies, musical instruments and equipment. These declines began during the onset of the current economic downturn and during a period of significant growth in the city's education budget.

This report provides statistics supporting the key findings, assesses the impact of the findings on arts education, and concludes with policy recommendations.


   Research and Policy Briefing (104Kb)