Bush Foundation Fellowships: Creating Broader Impact

A Study of How Individuals Contribute to the Strengths of Communities, Institutions and Fields

Based on a study prepared by Susan Showalter and Vicki Itzkowitz

2008, 49 pages. Bush Foundation, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E-900, Saint Paul, MN, 55101, (651) 227-0891, www.bushfoundation.org


The Bush Foundation has provided fellowships to individuals since 
1965, primarily focused toward mid-
career recipients. The primary goal of this study is to examine how Bush fellows have an impact on the broader community and to explore the extent of that impact. The study's key findings draw on survey results from over 250 fellows, in-depth interviews with over a hundred fellows and an equal number of “observers” who are familiar with their work, the literature review, interviews with external informants and Foundation directors, and conversations with Foundation personnel. This research points to a common pathway for creating impact, confirming the Foundation's implicit understanding of how broader impact occurs.