Arts Education Funders Coalition

Coalition Purpose

Grantmakers are invited to join the Arts Education Funders Coalition

As Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) has seen federal funding for arts education decrease, dedicated champions dwindle, and schools around the country drop art courses, leaders are working together to rethink the policy landscape and their policy agenda, with help from trusted Washington consultants. GIA has formed a coalition of arts and education grantmakers and other concerned arts organizations to research and identify federal policy opportunities that promote equitable access to arts education in all public schools.

GIA, with the support of arts and education funders, has engaged the services of the Penn Hill Group, a Washington D.C. education policy firm with experience in working with diverse education groups to research and develop federal policy strategies. They will keep GIA informed of the latest policy news and research as well as opportunities advantageous to the promotion of arts education policy. The project is overseen by an advisory committee consisting of Julie Fry, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, chair; Daniel Windham, The Wallace Foundation; Richard Kessler, Mannes College, New School of Music; Narric Rome: Americans for the Arts, and Janet Brown, GIA.

Who Can Join?

The Coalition consists of organizations whose primary activity is grantmaking in the arts, education, or both. All grantmakers concerned about improving access to and the quality of arts education in our public schools are encouraged to add their name to the list of members. Coalition membership is free. Just sign up and we'll begin sending you updates!

What Does Coalition Membership Mean?

Members will have access to the arts education funders coalition webpage, where regular updates on policy development, notices of education policy activities, and invitations to webconference and convenings will be posted. Once you have joined, you will begin receiving emails keeping you up to date with federal education policies and efforts.  

Why Arts and Education Funders?

The status of funders as stakeholders in education rather than beneficiaries of policies makes this effort unique and highly credible to decision makers. As a group of funders who have contributed millions of dollars to the public education system or to the nonprofit arts sector to compensate for lack of arts education in public schools, GIA members and other funders have a stake in developing effective policy that will secure the place of arts education in twenty-first century education.

The Opportunity

This coalition represents a unique opportunity to fundamentally reinvigorate and impact the federal policy landscape on arts education. It is critical for the coalition and its potential partners to seize the moment to reverse the trends and magnify the benefits of a powerful federal arts education policy agenda.