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Posted on June 24, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

As Philanthropy New York has been solidifying its commitment to centering racial equity, our programming and networks have evolved as well. One of YLBC’s intentions now reads, 'building a more networked philanthropic sector dedicated to equitable, inclusive, collaborative and innovative philanthropy,'" said Donita Volkwijn, Senior Director, Member Engagement, Philanthropy New York.

"Not everyone is as lucky to have the kind of boss that operated in the values stated above. Goodness, I haven’t always been that lucky and the unlucky moments have come about largely because of how I identify. At this point, most people (at least the ones reading this piece) recognize how racism can cut people off from opportunity. What is harder to recognize is how racism denies members of the BIPOC community the opportunity to learn and grow."

Posted on June 23, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

The hybrid event, "Are the Arts Essential?", airs tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET. "[Zeyba] Rahman and other thought leaders will discuss the book and how art has the power to create connections and provide hope. "

Posted on June 22, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

"A sea change is underway in the world of philanthropy," said authors Charlotte Vangsgaard and Mads Holme (ReD Associates) for Alliance Magazine, "The shift is driven partly by the cataclysmic effects of a global pandemic that has wiped out decades of developmental gains over the past few years while crowding out investment in other sectors."

Posted on June 21, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

From Hyperallergic: "A new study discovered that going to museums can have myriad health benefits, such as improving feelings of depression, easing chronic pain, and decreasing the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia."

Posted on June 21, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

Upstart Co-Lab, the Association of Art Museum Directors, and the Black Trustee Alliance for Art Museums released a new report, Cultural Capital: The state of museums and their investing, "a first-of-its-kind survey of U.S. museums of art and design to establish their current level of impact investing activity and profile first-mover museums exploring the integration of values, mission, and investment."

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities and Candid, "are engaging in a multi-year partnership that leverages Candid’s data collections and ABFE’s subject matter expertise to explore Black leadership in the social sector."

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

A new episode from the podcast Hope and Dread entitled, "Are You Sitting Uncomfortably?" is available to stream now. Guest include Roxanne Gay, Maya Benton, Tiffany Sia, and more.

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

Join the MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the Christensen Fund, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and the Pop Culture Collaborative for, "a funder briefing featuring IllumiNative, a new initiative elevating Native stories, voices & issues," on June 21 at 1pm ET.

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors presents Operating Archetypes Webinar on June 22 at 12pm ET. The event will focus on "[learning] more about this new analytical framework, developed by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors’ (RPA) with input from dozens of foundations and nonprofit partners around the world as part of the Theory of the Foundation learning collaborative."

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Jaime Sharp

The Center for Effective Philanthropy and Council on Foundations presents, "a free webinar discussion on rebuilding trust in nonprofits and philanthropy," on Thursday, June 16th at 2pm EDT.