Member Spotlight on the Creative Work Fund

For the month of June, GIA's photo banner features work and projects sponsored by Creative Work Fund. With assistance from other generous funders, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund has managed the Creative Work Fund (CWF) for 21 years.

The CWF supports artists making new work through collaboration with nonprofit organizations of any kind, and demands payment of those artists. Over time, the ways artists and nonprofits organize themselves and make work has evolved, but they still find collaboration to be powerful and continue responding to the CWF with inspiring ideas. Since its inception, the CWF has awarded $10.1 million in grants.

CWF Program Director Frances Phillips reflects on its history:

Last fall I created a 20-year CWF retrospective for our board. I was excited to note how many artists received early CWF grants that launched careers; how many projects solved practical problems in health, mental health, neighborhood design or the environment; how many varied groups of people participated with the artists (cancer survivors, children living in hospice, former prisoners, people who lost homes to foreclosure, and more). Most of all I’m excited about artists who dug deep into specific communities where they are still working—sometimes with their original partners-ten or 20 years later.

Regarding GIA membership, Phillips shares, "As for still working together, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund made its first grant to GIA in 1992: our work is continually informed by our participation."

Learn more about Creative Work Fund and its grant program.

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