What We're Watching: Upstart Co-Lab: Inclusive Creative Economy Strategy

Upstart Co-Lab connects capital to creative people who make a profit and make a difference. Upstart is launching a $100 million portfolio of funds and companies comprising the first impact investment strategy for the U.S. creative economy which will focus on fashion, film & TV, video games, food, the creator economy, the visual art market, immersive experiences, health & beauty and other creative industries. Upstart’s approach will prioritize BIPOC and women entrepreneurs, and deliver people-focused impact: quality jobs, vibrant communities, and sustainable creative lives. 

In tandem, Upstart will conduct an influence strategy focused on unlocking artists, art patrons and endowed cultural institutions as a new cohort of impact investors, and the creative sector as a new source of impact capital. The first museum to commit to Upstart’s Inclusive Creative Economy Strategy is the Toledo Museum of Art. Upstart is seeking program-related investments from foundations; recoverable grants from donor advised funds; and mission-related investments from endowed nonprofit arts and culture organizations. Upstart Co-Lab’s Inclusive Creative Economy Strategy is supported by ImpactAssets.

Watch the full video here.