What We're Watching: Meta, Musk, and MAGA: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Join Flannel & Blade and Catnip Comms in an expert panel discussion and open conversation, as we unpack these big and important questions. Our teams are keeping our ears to the ground, reading not only national news outlets, but also the comment sections on TikTok and diving into different subreddits. We're seeing how Twitter users who have taken flight are enjoying their migration to Mastodon to see what we can learn.

More importantly, we’re having these big conversations to understand the impact of how you can reach and nurture an online community, during and beyond this chaotic period. We’ll discuss the various challenges that we’re noticing and ways to approach what appears to be a new era of social communications.

Registration is free—please share the link with your colleagues, friends, and networks. In the spirit of stepping away from the messiness of social media this season, we encourage you to use more personal forms of outreach, like an email or message board.

Learn more and register here.