What We're Reading: They Grant Funds to Develop the Boricua Cultural Corridor in the United States

"The Bori-Corridor, a project that will increase the presence of Puerto Rican artists in the eastern United States and connect them with the main cultural centers of the diaspora, received a $700,000 allocation from the Mellon Foundation for its development beginning next year," said Sin Comillas on behalf of Mellon Foundation. "The Mellon Foundation is the leading funder of the arts and humanities in the United States. The proposal was presented by Elsa Mosquera Sterenberg and Zeida García Casillas from Ágora Cultural Architects."

"The development of the Bori-Corridor will have two main projects. One will be the selection, by call, of a group of artists or ensembles, who will be able to tour presentations through various states. Ágora will support those selected with the production and promotion of their events, in addition to connecting them with organizations and cultural centers for new collaborations."

"The second component will be the creation of an interactive online map that will identify the cultural centers specialized in Puerto Rican art and culture. The map will provide a historical and cultural synopsis of these institutions so that artists, cultural brokers, and the public can learn about the different Puerto Rican communities and other audiences on the East Coast of the United States. The investigative phase will have the collaboration of the Master's in Cultural Management of the University of Puerto Rico."

"The Bori-Corridor will be ready for launch after the research and interactive map creation phase. The artistic tour through the eastern states is expected to begin in 2024. The leader of Ágora Cultural Architects appreciated the support that the Mellon Foundation has given to Puerto Rican organizations and artists in and outside of Puerto Rico, especially in recent years. the island. Since 2018, this Foundation has awarded over $50 million to cultural organizations and artists in Puerto Rico and the diaspora."

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