New Resource: Recommendations for Live Performance Pay & Professional Protections for Working Musicians

From Whippoorwill Arts: In 2020, we embarked on multi-phase research efforts with these guiding questions in mind: All with a focus on live performance - something no new technology will ever replace - also the main source of income and a fulfillment of deep desire for working musicians.

We tackled these questions working together with musicians from diverse backgrounds, music fans and presenters, arts/music funders, professional membership organizations, union organizers and activists, and scientists and researchers. Ours has been a broadly collaborative project incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion as means toward increased community support, a greater degree of dignity, and ultimately, a stronger sense of belonging.

This is Version 1.0 of the Guidelines, a living document that we will continue to revisit, workshop and revise with allies and community partners as needed over time. So we encourage you to share your feedback as well through this short survey. Whippoorwill Arts is available and eager to work with organizations one-on-one to plan ways to transform their practices and relationships with working musicians - so we all benefit.

You can access the full resource here.