New Report: REOPENINGS: What Museums Learned Leading through Crisis

From American Alliance of Museums: Over the past several years, museums have faced widespread and systemic challenges that have fundamentally changed the way our institutions serve their communities.

We're pleased to share the release of Reopenings: What Museums Learned Leading through Crisis, a special series of in-depth reports with case studies and multimedia examining some of the long-term lessons, mindsets, and practices museums have learned and adopted from their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the series' first report, titled Reboot, and its accompanying case studies, to discover how museums accelerated their digital transformation over the past several years and the lessons they will carry forward into our hybrid future.

Part two, titled Reflection, examines those museums who used the pandemic crisis as an opportunity to work with their communities to become institutions that have social impact.

The third and final report, titled Responsibility, highlights those museums whose embrace of human-centered leadership practices during the pandemic offer a new way for museums to manage their most valuable asset: their people.

Read the full report here.