ICYMI: Strengthening Artists' Resilience: A 4-Step Action Plan for Preparedness

From A Collaborative Blog Presented by CERF+, NCAPER, and NYFA: The COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies, including severe storms, drought, wildfire, and theft, require us to change how we work and communicate. That makes preparedness more critical now than ever before for artists to protect their practice. But what exactly is preparedness? It’s taking steps NOW to help protect yourself and your assets before an emergency so you’re more resilient and able to bounce back quickly. Artists in ALL disciplines have assets to be protected!

  1. Step One: List your assets
    1. Think through everything that allows you to carry out your artistic practice.
  2. Step Two: Assess your risks
    1. While it is ideal to prepare for any type of emergency (known as all-hazards planning), start by considering the types of risks and potential effects that are most likely to occur depending on where you live and work. 
  3. Step Three: Protect your assets and minimize risks
    1. Brainstorm ways to protect or minimize the list made in Step One with the risks you identified in Step Two.
  4. Step Four: Create your Emergency Plan
    1. You may need to evacuate quickly, or you may need to shelter in place. Either way, you want to decide ahead of time what steps you’ll take, what items you need, and how you’ll communicate with important people.

In closing, remember that preparedness is not just about facing the unexpected; it's about empowering yourself to protect what matters most in your artistic journey. By following these four steps and taking proactive measures, you'll be better equipped to navigate any challenges that come your way. Your art is a valuable part of our world, and ensuring its resilience is a commitment to your craft and the community that cherishes it. So, let's stand together, artists and allies alike, and fortify artists and arts organization's creative practices for a brighter, more resilient future.

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