New Report: Reimagine Recovery

The Ford Foundation has released a report that, "offers a roadmap to reimagine recovery."

From Ford Foundation President Darren Walker: “Two years ago, our world changed forever. COVID-19 overwhelmed every facet of our societies, taking more than 6 million lives—and exacerbating crises of inequality, injustice, and intolerance for countless millions more."

"As the world begins to reopen, we must acknowledge that COVID-19 is not a finite moment in our global past, but an urgent reality of our present—and, undoubtedly, our future. Sustainable recovery and reform requires more than reckoning with the enduring nature of this crisis, its rippling variants, and its indeterminate end."

"Let this vision inspire us to work together to design responses that not only weather the worst, but allow us all to flourish and thrive, and define a new age of solidarity, connection and justice.”

Read the full report here.