New Report: Much Alarm, Less Action

From The Center for Effective Philanthropy: "Despite the urgency of climate change and the narrowing window for action, philanthropic funding to address climate change remains very limited. Total philanthropic giving by foundations and individuals focused on climate change mitigation represents less than two percent of total global philanthropic giving, according to the ClimateWorks Foundation. While there is some evidence of increased momentum in recent years, more action will be needed to match the scale of the climate crisis."

They surveyed 188 foundation leaders, and 120 nonprofit leaders in order to answer the questions:

  • How pressing is climate change from the perspective of foundation and nonprofit leaders?
  • What are nonprofits and foundation leaders doing to address climate change?
  • How are leaders of organizations that do not focus on climate change thinking about this issue and to what extent are these leaders currently addressing it?
  • How are climate-focused organizations approaching their work?

Read the full report here.