New Report: Funding Narrative Change from the Convergence Partnership

"The report is authored by Rinku Sen and Mik Moore - leaders in social change narrative strategy, and we are very excited to share it far and wide, especially with funder networks who likely have had narrative change discussions bubbling up more and more. The report shares the deep gaps in understanding and funding approaches to narrative change, but more importantly, offers a framework for funders. It issues an urgent call for foundations to fund via Mass culture, Mass media, and Mass movement."

"As a new strategic area of its work, the Convergence Partnership was interested in better understanding the ways in which “we” do “it.” Who are the “we?” Funders and practitioners that work in the narrative change arena. What is the “it?”Approaches to funding and bringing about narrative change. Established in 2007, Convergence Partnership (the Partnership) is a national funder collaborative working to transform policies, practices, and systems to advance racial justice and health equity. Given the nation’s fraught racial discourse, the Partnership believed narrative change and storytelling was a central strategy for shifting public attitudes toward racial justice and health equity. Today, the Partnership is led by eleven national, statewide, and local foundations and multifunder initiatives. In 2018, we hired Narrative Arts (then Working Narratives) and Moore + Associates to help us develop and implement a strategy to advance racial justice and health equity narratives with funders, grantees, and the Partnership itself. In the years since, they have conducted a series of trainings, audits, and workshops to help establish a shared understanding and approach to narrative change among these stakeholders."

Read the full report here.