New Report: Communities of Change: Traditional Arts as Enduring Social Practice in California’s Bay Area

From Alliance for California Traditional Arts: "Communities of Change discusses and interrogates definitions and terminology of the field, and describes case studies illustrating some of the larger issues and nuances inherent in this discipline, such as tradition and innovation, concepts of indigeneity, and cultural immersion as a teaching model. We list major cultural communities and related art forms across the wide band of 11 Bay Area counties, and share snapshots illustrating the contours on a county-by-county basis. Additionally, we examine some trends in Bay Area ethos of activism which have contributed to how traditional arts have been supported and undervalued in society and by the funding community. Finally, we conclude with recommendations and implications for the broader arts field and the philanthropic sector."

"I welcome your feedback and comments and hope that this paper will foment a larger discussion recognizing community driven and embedded expressions that we know as traditional arts," said Executive Director Amy Kitchener.

Read the full report here.