New Fund: Strengthening the Sector

"The Music Man Foundation has a history of providing support to organizations advocating for positive changes in the arts, whether it be for increased public funding to arts programs, support for policy changes, the conducting or dissemination of new research, or increasing public will in support of the arts. We have partnered with select dedicated organizations working on a regional, statewide, or national level."

"This year, the Foundation will be distributing invitations for its advocacy grants more widely, as it aims to support systemic change via empowering organizations working at the intersection of music, learning, and well-being. Organizations must be able to identify the system it seeks to impact, demonstrate why it is well-positioned to take on this system change, and show evidence of progress toward achieving sustainable solutions. We anticipate grants will support activities such as:

  • research and policy analysis that promote the need for arts (specifically music) to change and improve circumstances,
  • cross-sector initiatives which cultivate allies and build bridges between the arts and other interest groups,
  • advocacy training and tools which build the capacity of arts and cultural leaders to understand and proactively influence issues impacting the arts and community vitality, and/or
  • designing solutions which shift the circumstances within a system to promote efficiency and sustainability."

The deadline for this fund is Friday, October 31 at 11:59pm PT. Learn more about the application here.