New Fund: Artist Who Painted Vanity Fair Cover of Breonna Taylor Donates $1M for Three Fellowships and Up to Four Scholarships

Amy Sherald, the artist behind the 2020 Vanity Fair cover portrait of Breonna Taylor, announced a donation of, “$1 million to start the Brandeis Law School’s Breonna Taylor Legacy Fellowship and the Breonna Taylor Legacy Scholarship for undergraduates.”

From Atlanta Black Star: “Three fellowships, stipends of $9,000 apiece, will be awarded to law school students with 60 or more credit hours who secure a legal volunteer position over the summer with a social justice nonprofit organization or agency during the summer of 2023.”

There is an additional opportunity for undergraduate students to earn the Breonna Taylor Legacy Scholarship, where, “up to four students, beginning with one student in fall 2023, two in 2024 and three in 2025, will receive funds from the scholarship, with each being $7,000.”

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