ICYMI: Where Did I Learn That?

From Threshold Philanthropy: "Sometimes we forget that the flowers that we delight in during spring and summer did not sprout overnight. There were months of growth, mystery, and magic happening beneath the dark soil that we did not see, before the flowers unfurled and produced the sweet fragrances and foods for us and our plant and animal relatives to enjoy. Threshold Philanthropy was conceived during a pandemic, a racial uprising, and through a text message in a Target parking lot. Beth texted Morgan and offered an idea, a seed if you will. She asked, what if you and I create something with Lindsay? Morgan was like, could you elaborate? Beth said, here’s what I know, you two lead it and center yours and your communities healing. Beth wanted to retire, Morgan and Lindsay wanted to leave their jobs, and all three wanted to see the sector change. Our origins are not like most philanthropies, most are lead and funded by white people and have way more structures and processes in place."

"Freedom dreams invite us to be clear and specific about naming and creating the conditions that will support us to grow and flourish. Lindsay, even with having imposter syndrome and questioning, did I do enough to deserve this dream job? Had been hungry and ready to create structures centered in dignity and belonging. She heard her internal struggle and chose to believe that her worth did not equate to an unknown measurement of 'doing enough' and embraced this opportunity as the gift that it was. She named her first needs, which were that her and her family’s needs were just as a priority as her work, which meant that her schedule would reflect that: making Morgan co-CEO, investing outside of the traditional stock market, and for her colleague Cristina to come on board. These requests were an invitation for Morgan and Beth to reciprocate trust and reflect on their needs as well for this partnership as they grew together. Over the span of a year, through texts, phone calls, tears, drinks, dreams, grief, learning together, shedding old patterns, joy, and deep friendships, Threshold Philanthropy grew quietly from a seed to a bud."