ICYMI: Pew Fellows Chat: angel shanel edwards, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, and Alexandra Tatarsky on Blending Disciplines in Performance

From the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage: "The act of creation takes on a multiplicity of forms. In our ongoing artist interview series, we illuminate the distinctive artistic practices, influences, and creative challenges of our Pew Fellows, who represent a diversity of perspectives and creative disciplines."

"In this installment, three performance artists—angel shanel edwards, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, and Alexandra Tatarsky—discuss the audiences that motivate them, their dream collaborators, and the idea of “leakiness” between disciplines."

About the Artists

Edwards creates movement work, film, and writing that celebrate the everyday, embodying the textures of Black queer and transgender existence, paying close attention to the overlooked joys and obligations of daily life in marginalized communities.

Kosoko’s performance works incorporate elements of dance, music, poetry, film, and visual art to reflect on Black and queer identity, often employing historical events and archival relics to speak to contemporary life.

Tatarsky’s work blends performance art, comedy, physical theater, and clown practices to probe the construction of meaning, self, and community, playing with perceptions of language and narrative structure and embracing humor to reveal vulnerability and humanity.

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