Crisis Response: A Message from GIA Board Member Carlton Turner on the Disaster in Mississippi

Good morning family,

Thank you to everyone that reached out to check on us down here in Mississippi after the devastating tornadoes Friday night. My family and Sipp Culture are safe and were not directly impacted by the storms. However, as you have seen on the news, our extended community has been severely impacted and will be in relief and recovery mode for years to come.

Sipp Culture is part of the MS 4 Green New Deal coalition of organizations working for climate justice in the Gulf States. We have organizations on the ground in Rolling Fork, Anguilla, and the surrounding areas throughout Issaquena, Sharkey, Holmes, Monroe and Montgomery counties.

For those that are looking for ways to support, I offer the following information.

The needs communicated from the ground are:

- solar generators
- water
- food
- hygiene supplies
- infant/baby items (diapers, baby food, wipes)
- clothing
- cleaning supplies (including brooms, mops, disinfectants)
- large tarps
- resources to fund hotel rooms for unhoused people
- Medication/medical supplies
- trauma counselors

Donate Online


CASHAPP: $msmove


MS Rising Coalition:

Thank you for your support. We cannot do this alone. Your prayers are also welcome and needed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.