South Carolina Arts Commission reports that Governor's veto has been overridden

(6-30-2010) From South Carolina Arts Commission website:

The (South Carolina state) Senate has overridden veto 105, saving $250,000 in grant funds for arts education and arts organizations. A list of grant awards will be posted on our website by mid-July. On behalf of the South Carolina Arts Commission board and staff, thank you for your overwhelming efforts in contacting your legislators to urge their support for arts funding. Be sure to thank your legislators for their work on your behalf.

And from Ken May, executive director of the South Carolina Arts Commission:

We also heard that the grassroots campaign to save state arts funding was the envy of professional lobbyists who work regularly at the Statehouse. The most interesting part of the story may be how the speed of communicating via Facebook and other social media tools helped save the day. From the first post on our Facebook page to the launch of three Facebook pages by arts supporters, we had a five-day window in which to spread the word. Every time you shared, commented or "liked" a post on any of those pages, you helped expand the audience. As of June 28, the Facebook following had grown to nearly 14,000 fans.