New York Times on Rocco. 2500 Words but No News.

(4-11-10) A nice portrait of Rocco in the NYTimes, just in time for the budget hearings. Good work NEA!

“Everyone’s parsing every word that you utter, and I’m not used to that,” he said. “If the consequences are just you, it’s one thing. But everything has all these repercussions. I’m trying to find a balance because I have to be me, and I pride myself on being candid and direct and saying what I think. But occasionally I have to think about what I say.”

“Understandably, I don’t think the administration appreciates my complaining about the budget all the time,” he said. “If every head of every agency did that, you’d have a pretty unruly situation.” He paused for a moment to admonish himself: “I’ve got to cut down on the whining.”