Guardian 'Directors' Debate' is a Good Read for Arts Funders Everywhere

(8-27-10) In yesterday's Guardian, British theater directors Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens) and David Parrish (Creation Theatre) present the pros and cons of Arts Council spending cuts. Jackson argues against the cuts, which will reduce Cardboard Citizens' operating budget by as much as 30%: "We will survive because we have to, but it will really limit what we do." Parrish, who has been operating his Oxford-based theater company without core funding from public agencies, is ready to compete with other theater companies on a leveler playing ground:

If the wider economy suffers badly, then selling tickets will obviously suffer as well. Ironically, if state funding for various flagship schemes diminishes, whether at national or regional levels, our company may benefit. Since we're competing for audiences, actors and other theatre professionals with state-subsidised companies that can afford highly sophisticated PR campaigns and are able to offer better pay, we'll have a larger pool of talent to draw on.

Read their complete statements here.